10 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

No Gym, No Problem

Fitness not only means to be physically fit but also to be mentally fit. Mental fitness needs to be addressed in a similar fashion as physical fitness. A healthier mind helps to keep us calm which is very much essential considering the stress and tiredness that we experience in our professional lives. Fitness, both physical and mental is indispensable in our lives. Going to a Gym can help us to build muscles but there a lot of other ways which can help us to remain physically and mentally fit and active so let me just list down “10 Fun Ways to Get fit Without a Gym”:


1) Meditation:- Meditation is an art of dissolving one’s mind and experiencing the peace and calmness within oneself. All you need to do is relax in a posture with your legs crossed and backbone upright with your arms resting loosely on your crossed legs. It’s a process which involves focusing on your breaths while at the same time concentrating on the center point of your mind. It helps in keeping you calm and making your mind healthier and fit.


2) Exercise:– Exercising relaxes muscles of the body and increases its flexibility. There are numerous exercises which can be practiced daily like touching one’s feet with the arms without bending the knees while standing upright, jogging and running are also effective exercises that can be practiced daily.


3) Cycling:- Cycling is also another form of physical exercise that one can do to keep himself fit. It increases the metabolism of the body and helps in living a healthier life.


4) Sports:- Sports play a very important role in the grooming of an individual. Though we may not be a professional in any sports still we can play it to channelize our energy and transmute it in a productive manner. To name a few of the- football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, cricket, and badminton can be played during leisure times.


5) Swimming:- Swimming involves the use of the arms and legs. It keeps the heart rate up and builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness.


6) Solving puzzles and riddles:- Solving puzzles and riddles helps in the exercise of the mind and increases the analytical skills of an individual. It keeps the mind healthier to commensurate with a healthy body.


7) Join a sports club:- Join a sports club as it keeps you motivated and enthusiastic about your fitness goals. It makes you aware of the fitness regimes of others by interacting with them and learning from their experiences.


8) Join a Marathon for a social cause:- Often marathons are held in cities organized by various associations and groups motivating people to participate and contribute to a noble cause. It not only helps you in contributing to society but also shapes you as an individual by making you stay fit and healthy.


9) Helping your kids to prepare for their annual sports events:- Sports events are held in schools every year and we know how kids get excited by it. We can use this opportunity by training our kids and preparing them to perform well in the sports events on a crucial day.


10) Participating in office competitions:- Numerous sports competitions are held in offices every year and participating in them increases our competitiveness and in turn, helps in keeping the body fit and active.

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