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You do not have to work out for more hours in a day but you just need to work out smart. Experts say that not all of the exercises will be equal but some are more efficient. These exercises will help your body burn more calories.

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Below are some of the most effective exercises to do at home;


squat exerciseSquats will target much of your muscles. When doing squats you will help your body burn more calories. They will work on your harm strings, quadriceps, and the gluteals and they will use most of your muscle groups. While doing squats make sure to keep the shoulder of your feet width apart and then straighten the shoulder at the back. Ensure that your knee is above the ankle when bending the knees.


If you do pushups in the correct way they will strengthen your chest and shoulders at the same time. You can do pushups when you are at any level of fitness. If you are a beginner start pushups at the height of your kitchen counter level. Afterward, move to your desk or a chair than at the floor while bending your knees. When you have done all that then try to be on your toes on the floor.



Everyone wants to have a flirt and firm abs. When you want to do a crunch start by lying on the back with your feet lying flat on the floor and let your figures tips support the head. Try to press your lower back then contract the abdominal by tucking the chin slightly followed by the neck, shoulders and finally the upper part of your back on the floor. Make sure that you won’t pull the neck if you stick the chin out and don’t try to hold your breath. Crunches are effective, however, if you won’t do them in a correct way then your back might start aching. With crunches alone, you will not be able to attain a flat stomach but try and to burn more calories than your intake.


This will effectively work on all your major muscles at the upper back and the biceps. Standing with your feet shoulder at width apart, bend your knees as you flex your hips going forward. Keep in mind that if you won’t be able to do this exercise while standing try and support your body weight by sitting on a bench while facing backward. Try to move your pelvis forward while engaging the abdominals. Extend the upper side of your spine for more support. While holding your dumb-bells under the shoulders, flex the elbows lifting the hands on one side of your body then pause then lower your hands slowly to the original position. If you are a beginner do not perform these exercise with weight.


You can walk anytime and you will not require any equipment. This can be one of the most effective exercises to do at home because you only need a pair of shoes. When you do a brisk walk more often you will be able to burn500 calories in an hour. Walking is a cardiovascular exercise and will help you in strengthening your heart.

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