The Only 10 Exercises You Need To Get In Shape

Let’s Get In Shape

Do you find getting in shape difficult? Well, as harsh as it might sound, it is. However, there are different types of exercise for different needs people have when it comes to their fitness! Today. I’ll talk about the only 10 exercises you need to get in shape!

The Plank

Doing the plank comes with experiencing large amounts of strain put on your body’s middle section. The exercise focuses mainly on the abs but also strengthens your core and many other muscles. For an exercise that is so simple, yet so difficult to maintain for a long period of time, this has to be the king of all exercises that will help your body. By bending your elbows at 90 degrees and resting your weight on your forearms while your body creates a straight line and holding that position for as long as you can ensure that your core strengthens immensely. Perform it several times each day, trying to hold the position longer every repetition to ensure maximum efficiency!



Starting in the high plank position, and lowering yourself steadily towards the ground while bracing your core will help strengthen your arm, back chest stomach muscles at the same time while helping you achieve even longer times in the previous exercise I have written about. Exhaling while you push back is a must as well as inhaling on the way down. This way you ensure your body receives enough oxygen to function properly.



Yet another exercise that focuses on your core while helping you achieve better results overall during your exercise. While performing a sit up, make sure you keep your glutes and feet planted on the ground while you steadily raise your upper body up towards your knees all the while keeping your hands behind your head or crossed over your chest firmly.



Perhaps one of the more difficult exercises on this list, but an important one at the least. This exercise makes you strengthen your upper body massively while keeping your arms busy while it acts as a substitute to a push-up. At first, keeping a firm grip on the bar while you raise your body up may seem like an impossible task but in time, while you focus on making your arms, chest, and back stronger, the pull-ups will come, one by one!

pull up


Arguably, the best exercise for burning body fat and staying in shape. We’ve run from the dawn of time and we keep running for a variety of reasons. While you keep your back straight, a steady pace and regular breathing pattern, running anywhere between 1.5 and 3 miles a day will ensure your health increases while your body fat drops like a stone. Early morning runs are the most effective ones, and probably the most pleasant ones.



Some might say that doing a squat is simple. Perhaps they are correct, but keeping a regular pattern might be boring. However, doing squats ensures your legs and glutes stay firm, tight and strong. Dropping your body down while you keep your back straight and feet planted on the ground might require a lot of repetitions a day for you to feel an effect, but it will definitely ensure that you see progress if you endure long enough!


Mountain Climbers

Another total body workout that begins in the plank position that you can do basically anywhere! Move your legs up towards your chest while your arms stay firmly on the ground as if you are about to do a push-up. This exercise burns body fat like crazy as it focuses on several muscle groups in one motion.


Jumping Jacks

By offering your body a full range of motion as you hop your feet apart while bringing your arms over your head and reversing that action ensures your heart rate elevates and start burning extra calories. A simple substitute for a warm-up exercise, jumping jacks can be a great fat burner if you find yourself lacking the time to work out.


Jump Rope

jump ropeAs simple as it may sound, jumping rope is an extremely effective way of improving your cardiovascular system. It raises your heart rate really quickly while it engages almost all of your muscle groups. On the plus side, you can always adjust the speed at which you perform this exercise to meet your requirements.


Tricep Dips

One of the harder exercises for the triceps that you can do without any weights. You place your arms behind you on a platform of sorts while you keep your legs in front of you and lower your body down towards the ground. To complete the rep, straighten your arms back up and lift up your glutes away from the ground.


With these 10 exercises performed daily, or at least every another day, your body will remain grateful to you while it keeps the amazing looks you are bound to acquire during your exercise period. A healthy diet also goes without saying as you carefully balance the training-meal ratio!


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