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No Gym Required: How to Get Fit at Home

Let’s Get Fit

If you want to get into shape, but do not have the option of joining a gym or paying for expensive home gym equipment, no need to worry.  Getting fit at home is easy if you have the time, motivation and ability to follow through every day consistently.  This is often the hardest part for many people because at home we have many distractions including the television, children, computers, and phones.  There is a way around this, and you only need to be distraction free for 30 minutes to an hour.  This makes it feasible for anyone to do.  The following are ways to get fit at home.

Start With Your Diet
Before you start looking into numerous how to get lean at home tips, you might want to look into your diet first.  Working out is good, but it would only be useful if you are also mindful of what you eat.  Avoid foods that are rich in cholesterol and fats.  If you are not very fond of fruits and vegetables, you should start trying to like them now.  You will get the nutrients you need from them.  They are also rich in fiber that can help improve your digestion.  Pass up on desserts and alcoholic drinks like beer.  Beer is high in calories, and you wouldn’t want too many calories in your bodies.


Couch Cushion Crunch
Put a cushion on the floor.  Lie on your back on the cushion while bending your knees so that your butt, low back, and feet are on the pillow, but your upper back and shoulders are on the floor.  Put your arms across your chest, and lift your shoulder blades off of the floor.  Pause, lower and repeat.

Salsa Dancing
Take your spouse or significant other dancing a couple of times a week and dance for 30 minutes.  30 minutes just flies by and before you know it you have been dancing for two hours.  This can be a great workout and make you sweat.

Hit The Bag
Use your boxing techniques to pound on that heavy bag.  You can burn a lot of calories in 30 minutes, and if you don’t have a bag just pretend you do.  It’s fun.

punching bag
Take Your Dog For A Walk
I mean let him take you for a run.  Put the chain on your dog and let them run while you do your best to keep up.

Play With Your Kids
Like when they are running you should do the same.  Jump when they jump and when they are tired you can use them as weights to lift up like barbells.  You will be toned in no time as well as fit because keeping up with your kids is a struggle for you.

Overhead Rock Press
Find a large stone or rock outside; ones that you can hold in one hand.  Hold the rock by your shoulders and press them straight up overhead.  Lower and repeat.  This exercise works the shoulders and triceps.  Ensure the rock is not too heavy as you could strain your back.

Hamstring Raise
Lie on your back and put your heels on a chair that’s in front of you.  Knees and hips are bent at 90 degrees.  Pushing down through your heels, raise your hips up towards the ceiling.  Pause at the top and lower.  Great for hamstrings and low back.

Couch Dips
Sit on the couch’s edge with your hands face down on the couch next to you.  Slide forward so that your butt is hanging over the edge and you are supported only by your hands.  Bend elbows to lower butt towards the floor.  Push back up and repeat.  An excellent exercise for triceps.

Stay Motivated
Getting fit at home isn’t always an easy task because you have to make yourself do it every day.  A great way to stay motivated and on track is to keep track of your progress.  Consider joining an online fitness community.  Most of these are free and allow you to track your food and physical activities.  Also many will offer a journal to allow you to interact with those who have the same goal; getting fit at home.  Create your journal or spreadsheet to keep track if you prefer this over a community.  However, it should be noted that these online communities are also great for support and inspiration.
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